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It's Simply a Matter of Learning to Maximize All the Tools at Your Disposal.

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For a number of years, you've been asking for inexpensive ways to record and save the content of your meetings and presentations -- everything from Powerpoint slides to embedded video -- in a format that can be carted back to your office and filed away for Future reference.  Something portable enough to fit in your pocket, but with enough quality to permit future educational distribution... maybe even generate a little revenue somewhere down the road.  It's a tall order, and it's taken some time, but we've finally come up with a solution.


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Using a proprietary computer-based recording system, we'll record you presentations exactly as they appear on-screen -- at full "native" resolution -- and with a speed & cost-effectiveness that allows us to deliver the finished product to you within days of the conclusion of your event.
Industry Leaders tell us that Instant Archive is the next giant leap in presentation technology and we're excited to be able to add it to our arsenal of services.  Ask your IEM representative for all the details -- let us show you how to take full advantage of this amazing technology at your next event.

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